Nail treatments

Manicure is a service for keeping your natural nails and surrounding area healthy, good looking. Depending on your needs, you have a choice from the basic manicure up to the luxury treatments, in between with gel polish or builder in a bottle (BIAB) application. All the products used while the treatments selected with care from reputable sellers.

Of course through the process equipment, tools involved; are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized as per the standards, along with using single use disposable consumables, to prevent cross-contamination and spread viruses, bacteria within the salon. 

Also before the service you will be asked to wash your hands or sanitize them.


Basic service

Includes trim your nails to the desired length, shape, cuticle pushed back, trimmed where necessary, on request finish with nail polish as a protective coat. Nail polish includes a base coat, two coats of colour of your choice and a top coat. However nail drier used, it might take a we longer to the nail polish to dry. Once your nail polish dried, cuticle oil gently massaged onto the skin around your nails to nourish it as a final step.

Service includes previous nail polish removal.


Gel polish

Age restriction: 14 or over (under 16 parental consent required, with accompany the child; with out of school hours booking) 

The service involves an UV/LED light lamp used for a set time after every coat applied. Timing depends on the brand used and UV/LED lamp does not cause any harm. Your technician will explain the correct hand placement into the lamp to make sure product cured properly. 

Includes dry manicure same as basic manicure, after your nails trimmed, shaped, cuticle pushed back and trimmed where necessary, your nail plate gently buffed to remove shine,  dusted, and wiped through with alcohol (IPA) to prepare the best base for the application of the first protective base coat. The next step the application of the  two coats of coloured gel polish selected, followed with a selected top coat applied. Even if the top coat no wipe, it will be wiped gently through with alcohol to make sure no uncured residue left behind. Top coat can be vary, matte, extreme shine, or glittery as the choice of your preference. Finishing gentle touch is cuticle oil applied onto the skin around your nails. As the product cures ("dries) under the lamp,  the service takes shorter than the basic manicure finished with nail polish. 


Builder in a bottle aka BIAB

Age restriction: 14 or over (under 16 parental consent required, with accompany the child; with out of school hours booking) 

The application process is similar like the gel polish, however the consistency of the  product a bit thicker, as the aim is to give more strength to your natural nails (overlay), or either extend it with up to mid length with sculpting, or either with tip on application. The process not suitable to create long or either extreme long artificial nails; and also required UV/LED lamp to cure (dry) the product same as gel polish.


The product applied onto the natural nail, with the aim given more strength, durability. Nail plate prepared same way as for gel polish, however after the base coat if required (depending on the brand) the following step the builder gel application, followed by either a colour of your choice of gel polish or just finish with top coat. The final finishing touch is the cuticle care with massage some cuticle oil onto your skin around your nails.


Luxury manicure

Service includes trim your nails to desired length, shape and soaking your hands in gentle warm water to prepare for the cuticle work; followed with exfoliating process which removes the very top layer of skin (dead skin cells) , once exfoliator cleaned up hand mask applied and your hand wrapped around leave the mask set for the desired time. After mask cleaned off from your hands, the treatment continues with a hand massage with massage cream. Finishing touches involves gently clean off all product and residue left from your nail plate and get prepared for the nail coating, either with nail- or gel polish; or buffed to shine if no protective coating preferred. Service includes previous nail polish removal. gel polish removal additional charges apply.


Luxury manicure with paraffin wax treatment


Service coming soon.


Product removal only

The service only includes the product removal only. No further services involved.

Gel polish and BIAB removal takes longer as top coat filed off, and rest of the products soaked off. (Nails are wrapped into acetone soaked foils, and left for the required time to set, then with a remover tool / orange wood stick gently scraped off from your nail plate).