About the facial treatments

Here you can find some information about the treatments on offer, contra-indications, contra-actions, aftercare advises.

Your therapist / beautician: Edina

Mini facial

Cleanse, tone, mask and moisturise / 45 minutes / £ 23

Mini facial – gold mask

Cleanse, tone, gold-mask and moisturise / 45 minutes / £ 25


Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask, lip mask, under eye patch and moisturise / 60 minutes / £ 30

Age restrictions: advised from 16 or over / as per product manufacturer's advices / under 16 parental consent and attendance required along with bookings made out of school hours.

Products are carefully selected, based on the client’s skin conditions and consultation. 


Once you have decided to book an appointment, please complete and return to us the forms below at least 24 hours before the consultation / treatment.


1. Consultation form - facial

2.  Parental consent form (where applicable)

3.  GP consent letter (where applicable)*

4. Covid-19 consent form

5. Terms & Conditions


Forms available to complete and return via the links above  / or can be requested via e-mail in different format (pdf or word) if needed.

* About the GP consent letter: 

Some of the medical and health conditions, might require GP consent letter, before the treatment can be carried out, to make sure the treatment is safe to do. Otherwise, the therapist unable offer the treatment.  These conditions will be discussed in personal at consultation time.  


Why the therapist need to know about my health and medical conditions, my daily / weekly skin care routine, products I use, about my opinion relates to my skin condition / type, family life, work and home life balance, environmental factors and internal factors?


Let’s start with that you might feel that you need to share too personal informaton… all the information shared with your beautician stays private and confidental; accordingly with our privacy policy. See GDPR here.


  • All the information helps the therapist select the right treatment to your needs; make sure safely can be carried out.


  • Allow to decide which products to be applied or can be applied, or the treatment can go ahead or to be postponed / not advised or need any modification.


There are some contra indications which required medical referral and prevent facials, such as any bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic infections, systemic medical conditions, severe skin conditions, acne, eye infections just some examples.


  • So if you feel you might have / or diagnosed by a doctor any of the above; please do not book any appointment as unable to offer the facial services.


  • It might happen that at consultation the beautician identify any contra indication, where you will be advised to see your GP for proper diagnosis. Please consider the beautician can not set up a proper diagnosis, can not offer any medication to treat as do not qualified to do so.


There are some conditions, which however the facial can be carried out, but restricted with modifications. You will be informed on your consultation appointment if this is the case.

Contra-actions might occur during or after the facial; such as excessive erythema or irritation or both.

What to do?

  • If this happens during the treatment, the therapist stops the facial, and gently remove all products applied onto the skin, followed by applying cold compress / calamine mask to the affected area.

  • It is advised at home keep continue applying cold compresses, if required within the next 24 hours. The reaction should have gone within this time.  If not recommended to seek medical advice from pharmacyst or GP.

Aftercare Advices:

Make sure advices below are followed as best of yours, for the longer effect of the treatment, keep your skin healthy, well looking.

1. Avoid applying makeup to the area

2. Avoid heat treatments or sun exposure

3. Drink plenty of water, ideally two litres a day

4. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking

5. Eat a light, healthy diet

6. Use home facialcare products suits to the skin type / condition, to be discussed with the beautician further

7. Book facial regularly at least every 4-6 weeks, or as per your beautician advises

8. If you are happy with the service provided by The Beauty Corner & Training Academy's staff, stay with us! It is worth to go back to the same therapist.


If you have any further questions, please ask!

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