​Applies between you, the Applicant  (Student, You, Customer) and The Beauty Corner & Training Academy Ltd. (We, Us, Our). 

You agree with these terms & conditions courses & kits below, with purchasing your course. 

Please read carefully and if any further queries do contact us.  

Age restrictions 18 years or over. 


We might offer courses which required pre-qualifications.  

In this case We will note this at course details, and You as a Student have the responsibility to provide us the copy of certificates required; without that your theory / practical assessment cannot be marked. 

With the purchase you do confirm that you have the requirements noted at course information, which you can do e-mail to us to:


Effective date: 

Date of purchase; which is the enrolment date. 

Services We provide: 

  1. Online courses

  2. Face to face courses 

Courses includes: 

  • Digital copy of theory book (manual) 

  • Background support (due to the nature of the service this is online such as e-mail, video call, recorded treatment video links, other educational tools which the educator think might be supportive to improve skills required) 

  • Theory exam paper (digital) 

  • Digital Certificate 

  • Support at venue session (face to face course only) 

It might be available in request, for additional charges: 

  • Printed copy of certificate  

  • Treatment related student kits (availability depending on pro-only stockist) 

  • Materials, products, equipment provided at practical venue day to use (face to face courses only) 


  • Courses: as per website showing, although we have the right revise our prices and change time to time, which does not affect courses already purchased. 

  • Printed copy of certificate available, prices as webshop showing to cover postage, admin fee and material costs. 

  • Kits: depending on stockist prices; we are not responsible for any changes in prices our stockists made. 

Accreditor body:  

We are engaged with IPHM, who is an approved accreditor worldwide.

We have the right to change the accreditor body or get engaged with additional bodies time to time. 


Insured and qualified both in teaching and within the relevant treatments. 

Timings, Completion time: 

We provide the manuals at the time of the purchase in pdf format,  if required different format, please contact us. 

Other supporting study materials to be e-mailed within 2-3 working days. (Online courses only); face to face courses receives these at practical session. 

Theory exams marked within 2-3 working days. 

Case study exams marked within 2-3 working days. 

Certificate issued after Student passed successfully both theory and practical exams, but no later than 5 working days after the last exam completed successfully. 

You the student have 12 months from the time of the enrolment to finish the purchased course. 

That is the Student’s responsibility to keep the deadline, send over all the works assigned for marking, and do practical responsibly; keep the health and safety rules all the time. 

Student understand that theory to be passed first, and after passed able to move onto the practical session. 

Practical case studies online courses: 

Certain amount of case studies to be completed in accordance with course syllabus. 

Where pictures required, includes before, after and mid-treatment; video should be a time-lapse video with full treatment where possible.  

Remember the consultation needs to be carried out as normally would do, along with aftercare advises. Along with your model’s consent regarding the pictures etc. 

These as evidences to be sent through to the educator. 

Practical case studies face to face courses:  

Exams evaluated within class at practical day, based on the applicants classwork. 

Practical session to be booked in advance, it can be a venue date issued by the training company or can be booked to when suits to the Applicant. 

It might pictures to be taken, includes before, after and mid-treatment while the session. 

 Consultation needs to be carried out as normally would do, along with aftercare advises. Along with the model’s / student consent regarding the pictures etc. 

Refund policy: 

No refunds or exchanges accepted after the purchase of your course. We do not take responsibility for incomplete orders, unfinished courses, hence no refund accepted. 

Courses are not transferable to anybody else.  

Courses cannot be switched to another one after purchased unless upgrade of online courses to in person training which additional charges occurs as per webshop states.

Kits are non-refundable, due to the nature of the business, sterile equipment is necessary. 

Exception in case of goods damaged in transit, you might get in touch with us for replacement product if available, or partial refund for damaged items. 

Changes in course content, materials: 

Although We run our courses as advertised, We reserve the right to change course content and assessment. 

All of Our course content etc. provided to Customers are stays in the property of The Beauty Corner & Training Academy Ltd. 


In case of a complain please email Us. 



We do Our best to make sure our Customers are happy and receive the full support they required. 


Note: both online and face to face courses recommended to practical session to wear uniform, to showing professional appearance. 


Date: 15.02.2021. ​